Obtaining matrix systems containing diclofenac sodium based on different polymer carriers

Свали статията: Kostova(pdf)

Determination of hydrolytic stability and acute toxicity of previously synthesized pyrrole-based hydrazones

Свали статията: Georgieva(pdf)

Development of an optimized synthetic approach for synthesis of caffeine-8-thioglycolic acid and its ester derivatives

Свали статията: Mitkov(pdf)

Formulation of bendamustine hydrochloride in long circulating DPPC:CHOL liposomes, surface modified with a PEO-based co-polymer bearing four lipid mimetic units

Свали статията: Momekov(pdf)

Protein binding of metabolites for some endocrine disrupting chemicals

Свали статията: Koleva(pdf)

Epiphysitis of children and homeopathy

Свали статията: Peichev(pdf)

Research on the population attitude and behavior patterns – purchase of regulated antibiotics without a prescription

Свали статията: Dimova(pdf)

Development and validation of a spectrophotometric method to determine the content of Octocrylene in sunscreen cosmetic products singularly and in combination with physical ultraviolet (UV) filters of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide

Свали статията: Tachev(pdf)

Interfacial emulsifier free emulsion copolymerization of drug loaded nanosystems and their drug release properties

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New agents for neuroprotection – Review

Свали статията: Shishmanova_Review(pdf)

Pharmacoeconomic studies of the highly active antiretrovirus therapy of HIV/AIDS

Свали статията: G_Petrova_Review(pdf)

Synthesis and Pharmacological Properties of Glutamic Acid Amides: A Review

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Manufacture automatization, analysis and sterilization of drugs by means of ultrasound

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