Further evaluation of newly synthesized anti-inflammatory pyrrole derivates: ROS formation in liposome model system in vitro

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Analytical study of synthetic pyrethroid flumethrin – UV-spectrophotometric and HPLC determination in veterinary drugs

Свали статията: Pencheva(pdf)

Quantitation of piracetam and cinnarizine in a combined medicinal product

Свали статията: Bardarov(pdf)

Aryltetralin lignans from in vitro cultures of Linum elegans and their cytotoxic activity

Свали статията: Ionkova(pdf)

DPPH radical scavenging activity of in vitro regenerated Haberlea rhodopensis friv. Plants

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Colorimetric determination of mucin dispersions and its application for bioadhesive evaluation of pegylated nanoparticles

Свали статията: Yoncheva(pdf)

Analgesic effects of some newly synthesized nociceptin analogues in rats

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Changes in the activity of some drug metabolizing enzyme systems and cytochrome P450 quantity after multiple fluoxetine administration in rats

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Angiogenesis and trends for discovery of antiangiogenic drugs

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Advances in the drug therapy of breast cancer

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Pharmacoeconomical analysis of diabetes treatment during pregnancy

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Bulgarian traditional medicine

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