Synthesis and comparative study of tuberculostatic activity of pyrrole-based hydrazones related to structural variations

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Validation of a spectrophotometric method to determine the content of octyl salicylate in sunscreen cosmetic products singularly and in combination with physical ultraviolet filters of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

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Technological studies on hydrogel matrix tablets with the highly soluble drug trimetazidine hydrochloride

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Effect of phosphodiesterase inhibitors on erk1/2 map kinase signaling pathway

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Assessment of neuronal tissue damage in rat brain ischemia in vitro

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Behavioral and biochemical changes after multiple administration of ethanol alone and in combination with nifedipine

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Hormone-dependent differences in drug metabolism

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Comparative studies of two new valproic acid derivatives on rat hepatocytes

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Synephrine and C. Aurantium extract in food supplements: analysis of safety and health claims

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Natural and synthetic tryptamine derivatives with physiological activity

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Bendamustine, alkylating antineoplastic drugs and molecular targets

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