Development of cancer vaccine for treatment of breast cancer: targeting cancer antigens to elicit antigen-directed immune response

personАвтори: Mahjabeen Saleem, Mumtaz Begum, Rukhshan Khurshid


Many MUC1/CA 15-3 peptide-based cancer vaccines have been designed and tested in animal models and in clinical trials. It is proposed that MUC1/CA 15-3 vaccines of the future should include both peptides and glycopeptides to stimulate multiple forms of T cells recognizing cancer.10 adult female mice weighing 20-30gwereimmunized with an antigen that was prepared by emulsifying the antigen in equal volume of adjuvant aluminum hydroxide and saline.Seven mice were used as experimental animals and three as control. 100 µl of serum of breast cancer patient was mixed with 100 µl of saline and 10 µl of alum. Mixture was allowed to stand for 30 minutes at room temperature and injected intraperitonially to mice separately. Blood sample containing serum polyclonal antibodies was obtained from mice by the procedure of cardiac puncture.SDS-PAGE analysis showed that proteins present in normal human serum were in the range of 374.07-20.29 kDamolecular weightwith a raw volume ranges from 775.90-30032.75.  While in the serum of breast cancer patients, the proteins were in the range of 380.46-19.86 kDawith raw volume ranging 3582.65 – 24311.38.  Raw volume of MUC1/CA 15-3 having MW of 280 kDa was markedly increased in serum of breast cancer patients as compared to raw volume of 280 kDa protein in serum of normal subjects.Raw volume of cancerous protein MUC1/CA 15-3 was decreased when incubated with monoclonal antibodies i.e. from 6178.58 to 1131.44. Besides, the raw volumes of other two proteins having MW 109.07 and 28.13 kDa also decreased on treatment with antibodies. The in vivo and in vitro experiment of MUC1/CA 15-3 vaccine showed that treatment of aggressive cancer with antiMUC1 antibodies may increase survival rate in breast cancer, however, hurdles must be overcome to elicit the proficient and defensive immune responses and eradicate cancers.

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