Developing the editing skills of pharmacy students as part of English language learning

personАвтори: B. Dudeva

Abstract The aim of the study is to investigate, identify and summarize first- year pharmacy students’ knowledge and practical skills of editing English medical texts and documents and their improvement after a practical course in editing. The study investigated the use of different editing techniques by students such as using shorter sentences; using simpler, understandable, plain words; using active voice instead of passive voice; using verbs instead of nouns and avoiding nominalization; giving short, clear instructions; using tight expressions and crossing out unnecessary words. The comparison of the results of the entry and exit tests showed the crucial importance of the practical course on editing. The students demonstrated improvement in using all editing techniques. The technique of substitution of more difficult words/ terms by simpler words was the most widely used both before and after the course. The greatest improvement was achieved in first, giving clear instructions and second, the substitution of verbs for nouns.

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