Pharmacotherapy assessment with reference to existing cardiological practice in Ukraine

personАвтори: A. Zimenkovsky, Kr. Makukh, O. Gorodnycha, T. Ryvak


Modern scientifically based approaches to pharmacotherapy of many diseases are based on several drugs application, which is one of the causes of numerous drug-related problems (DRPs). In this study was assessed patients’ pharmacotherapy of cardiologic profile at one of health care institutions of inpatient type in Ukraine. In this study it was proved statistically existence of dependence between the number of identified DRPs and the number of individually prescribed drugs (r=0.737; R=0.771, p<0.001). It was established that the potential pharmacotherapy complications when 10-15 drugs applied make 33.5%, whereas 16-22 drugs make 66.5%, thus risk is doubled (Wilcoxon-test, p<0.05). Regarding injection „cocktail“ when applying 3-4 drugs „cocktail“ the risk of complications is 19.0%, 5-7 drugs – 81.0% i.e. it increases more than 4 times (Wilcoxon-test, p<0.05).

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