Analytical survey comparisson of some beta – lactam antibiotics used in practice

personАвтори: D. Obreshkova, M. Georgieva, P. Atanasov, S. Papanov


Modern medicine has a vast set of antibacterial means- mainly antibiotics. They are the most frequently prescribed medicines in the therapeutical practice. The β-Lactam antibiotics are most often indicated for prophylaxis and treatment of bacterial infections caused by susceptible organisms.

The analysis of these substances is a challenge due to their sensitivity and instability under different conditions. Keeping this in mind some chemical methods have often been applied as methods for quantitation. On the other hand, in an attempt to protect the structure, a number of instrumental methods have been developed, based on UV/VIS spectrometry and different cinematographic techniques.

Thus in this review we make an analytical survey comparison of the described in the literature methods for analysis of beta – lactam antibiotics, applied alone or in combinations, as antibacterial products.

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