Antiproliferative effects of a series of synthetic 4-aminocoumarins in a panel of human tumor cell lines

personАвтори: G. Ts. Momekov, V.T. Angelova


A series of 4-aminocoumarins were assayed for antiproliferative/cytotoxic effects in a panel of tumor cell lines after 72 h exposure using the MTT-dye reduction assay as a read-out system and the IC50 as an end-point to evaluate efficacy. The tested compounds exerted cytotoxic properties at  a high micromolar range of concentrations. In general, the number of cell lines is limited for broad and definitive conclusions to be drawn out, the study has shown that the presented compounds exert antiproliferative potential and could be subset to further modification aimed at identifying prospective antineoplastic lead compounds.

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