Cytotoxicity assay on several theophylline-7-acetic acid amides with amino acids

personАвтори: G. Momekov, G.Stavrakov, Pl. Peikov, Y. Voynikov


Theophylline-7-acetic acid (7-TAA) derivatives with several amino acids were screened for antiproliferative effects on acute (HL-60) and chronic (K-562) myeloid leukemia cells as well as on non-malignant cells derived from embryonic human kidney (HEK 293T). The anti-proliferative effects (IC50) were revealed at relatively high concentrations, between 330.4 and 1051.9 μM, but the tested compounds proved to be devoid of cytotoxicity on HEK 293T in the evaluated concentration range (50-1200 μM). The amino acid esters demonstrated higher cytotoxicity towards the myeloid leukemia cells compared to the carboxylic acid derivatives.

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