Patients’ compliance to phytotherapy prescribed and self-medicated with herbal medicines in Ukraine

personАвтори: Kr. Makukh, O. Lopatynska, T. Ryvak


The research is based on conducted questionnaire survey of 538 respondents on the application of herbal medicines and level of rational phytotherapy awareness of in Ukraine. Results of the investigation showed that patients, whoregularly use herbal medicines (87.7%), consider them as effective (p<0.01). At the same time, patients who consider herbal medications (87.7%) apply greater amount of those (4.20±2.87, p<0.01) in comparison respondents who with count ineffective and them less (1.94±2.15, p<0.01). It is stated that 68.4% of patients require more information on phytotherapy and rational use of herbal medicines. Respondents who need information on herbal medicines, use in average 4.07±2.86 (р<0.01) of drugs. There was established, that patients who would like herbal pharmacotherapy to be prescribed, use more herbal medicines (4.22±2.94, р<0.01)compared to those who wouldn’t like herbal medicines to be prescribing (2.33±1.82).

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