Efficacy and safety of bosutinib in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia – systematic review and meta-analysis

personАвтори: K. Mitov, M. Kamusheva, P. Siderova


Internet based search of published clinical trials for Bosutinib is conducted for the purposes of the study. Theχ2 method for comparison of proportions and meta-analysis are applied using MedCalc. A fixed effect is determined for major cytogenetic response 33.725% (р=0.3552 (>0.05))and for the adverse drug reactions thrombocytopenia– 23.576% (P = 0.4637),nausea – 43.108%(P = 0.6908) and neutropenia – 18.323%, (P = 0.9816). The results from the heterogeneity test showed randomeffectonthe percentage of patients with diarrhea– 84.975%, (р=0.0158) and rashes – 40.003%, (p < 0.0001). There is a statistical significant difference for the efficacy χ2=21.475, neutropenia(χ2=25.686), diarrhea(χ2=281.338) and rashes (χ2=21.639), (р<0.0001) between Bosutinib and Imatinib.There is no difference for efficacy, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia and nausea of Bosutinib among the clinical trials. The efficacy and the frequency of diarrheaand rashes of Bosutinib are statistically significantly higher and the frequency of nausea is statistically significantly lower than Imatinib.

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