Rehabilitation activities in patients with pneumonia

personАвтори: M. Becheva

Abstract: Pneumonia continues to be one of the most topical and serious diseases today. The primary goal of pulmonary rehabilitation is the best possible functional recovery of the patient in order for him to achieve greater independence in daily life. A kinesitherapeutic program focuses on improving the functional status of patients and their abilities for self-service. After the application of physical therapy, along with standard medical treatment for the sick, the following favorable changes set in: physical tolerance and stamina increase, deeper breathing, reduces the amount of „trapped“ air in the lungs and bronchial tree, shortness of breath at rest and in performing physical activity is also reduced, lung volumes and the amount of inhaled airincrease. Prevention consists in well-timed effective treatment of acute inflammatory diseases of the lung, and avoidance of harmful conducive factors which lead to chronic respiratory diseases, including smoking, cold, damp, dusty and dirty air.

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