Formulation and process optimization of glimepiride tablets

personАвтори: B. Tzankov, K. Videlov, N. Zaharieva, S. Tzankov


Glimepiride is an effective antidiabetic drug, but its low aqueous solubility and slow dissolution rate might lead to low oral bioavailability. In this study, the possibilities foroptimization of production process for glimepiride tablets are explored. Direct compression and tableting after granulation in a fluidized bed areexamined as suitable and simplified methods for preparation of glimepiride tablets. Amaryl (glimepiride)2 mg was used as a reference drug. The release profiles of tablets, produced by tableting after wet granulation in a fluidized bedcan be considered to be similar with the reference drug, while the method of direct compression and tableting after granulation of excipients and subsequent powdering with the drug substance showed unsatisfactory results.

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