Rationale correction of magnesium deficiency in generalized periodontitis

personАвтори: Gereliuk V., Makhlynets N., Melnyk N., Plaviuk L., Rozhko M., Stasiuk N.


Periodontal diseases and especially generalized periodontitis (GP) are a significant health and social problem, which nominated in dentistry on the first place. People lose 15 to 20 teeth, most of which are extracted due to periodontal disease, at the age of 40 till 60 years old. The following article is indicated on the effectiveness of the proposed method of treatment of (GP) I and II degree of development with or without a concomitant osteoporosis in the face of moderate or severe hypomagnesemia using a drug of magnesium variety that evidenced by the disappearance of clinical signs of inflammation in the periodontal tissues and prevention of inflammation recurrence in the long terms. Also, it was shown that usage of the offered method of the GP differentiated osteotropic therapy with including of magnesium variety medicines leads to stabilization of macroelements homoeostasis, due to statistically significant growth of serum magnesium, decreasing of urine calcium excration and optimization of Са:Mg ratio for the persons of study groups against to the values of control groups.

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