Special features in application and mechanism of remedial activities of kinesitherapy in childhood

personАвтори: M. Becheva


Kinesitherapy in childhood is aimed not only at restoring the organ or system affected by the disease but also in normalizing or maintaining the natural course of the child’s physical and nervous and psychological development. What should be taken into account is  the considerable dynamics in the morphological and functional development, greater plasticity and regenerative capacity of the child’s organism, which favor the faster occurrence of positive changes and the higher effectiveness of the healing and rehabilitation events,  especially made possible bykinesitherapy. The overall effect of exercise and increased motor activity is reflected in the proper development of muscles, in the increase of muscle mass, and in the improvement in child’s muscle functions. The mechanisms of remedial activitiesconstitute a variety of physiological and biochemical processes induced by dosaged muscle contractions aimed at restoring the constant composition of homeostasis in conditions of pathology. One of the most important features of the kinesitherapeutic methods in childhood is the correct dosage of physical exercise and the optimal load of the patient to restore health and normalize the child’s functional abilities.

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