Treatment through back pain movement

personАвтори: P. Atanasov


Back pain is the main cause of disability in many countries. It is believed that it affects 60 to 80 percent of the middle-aged people at some point in their lives.

All recommendations for treatment of lumbalgia have changed significantly today. These changes may be summarized asa transition from passive to active treatment.

The exercises associated with treatment help to strengthen weak muscles, stretch muscles and ligaments whose mobility is reduced due to pain, or to increase endurance and physical health. Recent trends have classified exercises into three categories-flexion exercises, traction exercises andexercises for stability. The treatment duration depends on the chronicity of the disease. The bio-psycho-social approach can prevent chronicity by providing rehabilitation for patients with persistent pain after the acute phase. Multidisciplinary treatment programs are often laborious and require better collaboration between patients’ rehabilitation team on the one hand and appropriate working environment on the other.

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