Vitamin D as a prevention for diabetes

personАвтори: Anna Tolekova, Daniel Addai, Jacqueline Zarkos, Petya Hristova, Ventsislava Dimitrova


Vitamin D deficiency predisposes individuals to type 1 and type 2 diabetes and has been shown to impair insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity in humans and in animal models of diabetes, suggesting a role in the development of both types of diabetes. Furthermore, epidemiological studies suggest a link between vitamin D deficiency in early life and the later onset of type 1 diabetes. In some populations, type 1 diabetes is associated with certain polymorphisms within the vitamin D receptor gene. Vitamin D deficiency may, therefore, be involved in the pathogenesis of both forms of diabetes, and a better understanding of the mechanisms involved could lead to the development of preventive strategies. The aim of this study is to systematize and highlight the links between vitamin D and the  development of diabetic diseases.

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