Antituberculosis activity of new medications – decahydroacridin of thiosemicarbazont derivates

personАвтори: A. O. Klymenko, O. A. Struk, T. H. Stasiv, V. B. Melnyk, V. I. Zozulyak

Abstract: Our study established, that synthesis of antimicrobial medicines as acridin  derivates is the perspective of future investigation in this direction.

The presence of a large number of publications of synthesis of antimicrobial drugs based on acridine derivatives indicates the prospect of studying the active substances of the middle class of compounds.

Preparations of derivatives of thiosemicarbazones of decahydroacridines are synthesized, the structure of the received drugs is confirmed using chromatographic mass spectrophotometric method at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, it allowed to assert, that the product of the reaction is monotiosemicarbazone, which exhibit higher anti-TB activity, than well-known medical products.

During analysis of synthesied preparations TM 4/1, TT 1/1, TT 1/0 for sensitivity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis we discovered of some regularity in antimicrobial activity. Thus, preparation TT 1/0 in 100% cases had high activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains resistant to streptomycin, rifampicin, ethambutol, isoniazid. But preparation TT 4/1 was active in 80% cases and TT 1/1 – in 20% only.

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