Exosomes in CML development and progression

personАвтори: G. Momekov, K. Kaloyanov, M. Yotova, P. Donchev, S. Konstantinov


Exosomes are small extracellular vesicles shed by wide variety of cell types. These vesicles can be found in almost any human`s body fluid and serve as carriers of signal molecules and regulating factors involved in many different physiological and pathological processes. The presence of exosomes during Chronic Myeloid Leukemia development and progression as well as their role in modulation of the tumor microenvironment is well studied. Due to the high specificity of the exosomal membrane receptors these vesicles deliver their cargo to the target cells with a precision characteristic for highly evolved biological systems. Investigation of the exosomal formation, release and target association could contribute substantially to the advancements of the modern medicine. Further, exosomes may serve not only as a tool for diagnostics and in disease prognosis but to be implemented as part of the active treatment regimens of the CML patients.

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