Evaluation of rationality of pharmacotherapy in case of threatened miscarriage and development of a model of pharmaceutical care as an information-and-explanatory support

personАвтори: O. Nepyivoda, T. Ryvak


The comprehensive study was conducted to evaluate the rationality of pharmacotherapy of pregnant women with the threat of miscarriage in real clinical practice. In 27 patients 328 drug-related problems (DRPs) were identified, the largest part among which were the problems of drugs choice (39.9%), the problems of modern native Ukrainian clinical practice for the proper drugs prescription(29.0%), and dosing problems(18.0%). At the same time, only 15.9% of the 44 prescribed medicines, belonged to the category A (safe during pregnancy) according to the FDA classification. For 29.5% of medicines, no category was established (the risk for pregnancy is not defined). According to the obtained results of the study, we formed 11 key elements/messages of pharmaceutical care, directed on the physician to eliminate the identified typical system DRPs. The model of the pharmaceutical care for pregnant women with a threat of miscarriage was developed.

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