In vitro effects of new derivatives of caffeine-8-thioglycolic acid on isolated rat liver microsomes

personАвтори: A. Kasabova-Angelova, A. Zlatkov, J. Mitkov, M. Georgieva, M. Kondeva-Burdina, V. Tzankova


This study investigates the effects of newly synthetized derivatives of caffeine-8 thioglycolic acid on isolated rat liver microsomes. The microsomes were received by multiple centrifugation. The production of malondialdehyde (MDA) was exam as a marker of lipid peroxidation. The effects were compared to those of caffeine. From all exam compounds, only caffeine, caffeine-8-thioglycolic acid (KTG), JTA-1, JTA-2 and JTA-3 didn’t change statistically significant the MDA level. JTA2-Ox increased MDA statistically significant with 17 % compared to the control (non-treated microsomes).All the other compounds revealed higher statistically significant pro-oxidant effects. JTA-4, JTA-5 and JTA-13 increased MDA level with 34 %, JTA-6 – with 37 %, JTA-7 – with 30 %, JTA-8 – with 32 %, JTA-9 – with 31 %, JTA-10 – with 36 %, JTA-11 and JTA-12 – with 33 %, compared to the control. The different effects of the compounds on isolated liver microsomes, might be due to the structures’ differences.

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