Perception of information about drugs by a patient as an aspect of pharmaceutical care on the example of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

personАвтори: A. Zimenkovsky, F. Melikova, O. Boretska, O. Devinyak, Y. Nastyukha


The«teach-back» method was used on purpose of studing of the level of patient’s perception of information about drugs provided through oral pharmaceutical careon the example of NSAIDs. According to the results of our study directly after pharmaceutical care had been provided, the level of perception of information was high concerning 5 statements of the questionnaire (31.2%). Repeated questioning on days 3 and 5-8 did not reveal a statistically significant reduction in the level of knowledge of successfully acquired messages of pharmaceutical care. However, the statistically significant difference in respodents’ answers for the paraphrasedor specified questions was detected as to 4 messages(50.0% of the information). This indicates efficacy of the method in determining the perception of pharmaceutical care by the patient. Multifactor character of the model of perception of information by the patient shows the need of individualized identification of its level in each particular case.

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