Development and construction of devices to perfect the process of production of biodental films by the solvent casting method

personАвтори: A. Buchkovska, D.J. Renka, I. Demchuk, I. Hrynovets, M. Renka, O. Ripetska, S. Harkov, T. Chaban, V. Hrynovets, V. Ogurtsov

Abstract: One of the problems in standardizing Bioadhesive dental film (BDF) produced by the solvent casting method, is the use of a Casting Mould with clearly set geometrical parameters of 10.0 x 60.0 mm, when using a set volume of polymer gel. Many scientific studies dealing with the preparation of polymeric medical film fail to describe the technological equipment necessary for the manufacture of BDF (bio dental films) using the solvent casting method on a flat surface.

During the scientific development of this process, three types of devices were designed, tested and patented, these being a Casting Mould, and Perforating and Cutting Devices to be applied in the production of dental BDF using the solvent casting method.

The Casting Mould is made of a neutral glass and has the dimensions of 60 x 400 mm which allows the tie production of dental films of a standardized size using the solvent casting method. The Perforating Device results in improved perforated BDF in the process of its production. Meanwhile the Cutting Device allows the uniform distribution and cutting of the polymer film into dozaged strips with accurately specified geometrical dimensions of 10.0 x 60.0 mm.

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