Organizational and legal evaluation of availability of medicines’ circulation for cancer patients

personАвтори: S.I. Zbrozhek, V.O. Shapovalova, V.V. (Jr.) Shapovalov, V.V. Shapovalov

ummary.Presented statistics concerning the number of patients with malignant neoplasms in Ukraine. From the position of pharmaceutical organization, analyzed the level of availability of analgesic drugs for cancer patients. To evaluate the level of pharmaceutical provision with necessary drugs, conducted a survey by questioning the doctors of different specialties, who made the pharmacotherapy of oncological patients.According to the results of the survey, data processing, the clinical and pharmacological groups of drugs (non-narcotic and opioid analgesics, antipsychotic), which, according to respondents, are the most effective, promising, safe, are also most often prescribed, including by the preferential prescriptions.

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