Correction of oral protein and mineral metabolism in patients with chronic periodontitis and partial dental defects

personАвтори: A. Melnychuk, H.Melnychuk, M. Rozhko, R. Kashivska, V.Palijchuk


The article demonstrates the results on our research regarding the efficiency of the complex treatment in patients diagnosed with chronic periodontitis ofI-II degreeand partial teeth loss. The results are estimated by some of the biological indicators in oral liquid taken before, within 6 and 12 months and after the appointed treatment. The patients with chronic periodontitiswere also affected by disturbances of protein metabolism that is illustrated by the significant increase of general protein and oxyproline and by multidirectional changes in the level of Copper (increase) and Zink (decrease) as well as activity of acid phosphatase (increase) and alkaline phosphatase (decline); р<0,05-0,001. The complex treatment comprised of the manual therapy, prescription of antimicrobials together with osteotropic agent of natural origin combined with herbal based medicinal plant Ginkgo Bilobathat was appointed endogenously. The orthopaedic treatment contributed to a prolonged regulation (up to a year) of the gained indexes of local homeostasis and achievement of constant stabilization of the disease (р<0,05-0,001).

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