The study of macro- and micro-elemental composition of plant raw materials of Aiugareptans L. and Filipendulahexapetala Gilib

personАвтори: S.V. Maliuvanchuk, T. H. Stasiv, А.R. Hrytsyk, О.А. Struk

Abstract. The homeostasis of the human body is dependent on macro- and micronutrients, which, as biotics, are modulators of metabolic processes. Plant organisms, as living systems,are characterized by an appropriate degree of accumulation of macro- and microelements, which play the role of basic modulators for the synthesis of biologically active substances and organic molecular structures. Therefore, it is relevant to study new medicinal plants,which will be complementary to official species, with high content of biologically active substancesand the development of new medicines, which contain a complex of necessary macro- and microelements. To such plants we relate Aiugareptans L. and Filipendulahexapetala Gilib.

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