Comparison of antidepressant activity of anthocyanins and mianserin in experimental model of oxidative stress in rat.

personАвтори: D. Drenska, M. Varadinova, N. Boyadjieva


In the experimental studies, different models of stress are among the well-validated models of depression in animals. Our previous studies demonstrated that anthocyanins, isolated from red grape, have antidepressant-like activity in the model of oxidative stress in male rats. The experimental rats were divided into 4 groups with 5 animals in each and were subjected to constant light for 14 days. The rats had free access to food and water. Two of the groups were treated p.o. with water solution of anthocyanins, 200 mg/kg, once per day. On the 15th day, a single dose of Mianserin 30 mg/kg p.o. was administered to one of the groups treated with anthocyanins. We investigated the effects of the substances on the following parameters: body weight, immobilization time in FST, spatial memory deficit in 8-arm radial maze. The data show that anthocyanins displayed antidepressant activity, comparable to that of Mianserin. The single administration of Mianserin after the chronic treatment with anthocyanins did not change the effects of Mianserin on the observed parameters.

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