Pharmacoeconomic analysis of the prophylactic strategy for pregnacy planning in women with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

personАвтори: K. Todorova, N. Doganov, S. Zaharieva, V. Petkova, Zl. Dimitrova


The aim of study was to evaluate cost-effectiveness of preplanning pregnancy program. A pharmacoeconomic analysis including 49 women with T1 DM with pre-planning pregnancy was done. The target level of HbA1c < 8% was achieved in 87.6% (43) of all women. The direct medical costs for treatment and control of diabetes were 26 259.1 lv. distributed in expenditures for insulin treatment – 65.0%, cost of laboratory tests – 21%, wages – 9.3% and cost for laboratory consumables – 4.7%. The medical expenditures had basic weight between them and depended of the achieved level of metabolic control. The еxpences for insulin treatment for a woman with HbA1c > 8% exceeded by 166.6 lv. the respective expences for a woman with normoglycaemic control. The indirect expenditures were 8222.6 lv. The part of medical expenditures was 77.8% and the part of non medical – 22.2 %.

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