Self-administration of anxiolytics and hypnotics among students and influence of the stress.

personАвтори: E. Krasteva, I. Kostadinova, N. Mateva


The self-treatment with anxiolytics and hypnotics brings some risk for students’ health. A direct group anonymous questionnaire was performed among 415 students of both sexes in Plovdiv (aged 24,15 ± 0,01). The data were processed using SPSS 11.0. Of all students, 57,3% were reported to have neurotic tension in their everyday lives (medical students – 74,1%, students in mathematics – 60,6%, pharmacists – 56,5%, dentists – 49,4%, lawyers – 42,5%). Self-treating students are 16.73% of all. They most frequently abused cyclobarbital, phenobarbital; alprazolam and bromazepam. Abusers had shown lower working ability and problems at school, including missing classes. Judging from the analysis done, we conclude that there is a correlation between stress, subject of education and psychotropic drug abuse. Self-treatment with anxiolytics and hypnotics had been done for a long time and there may appear some complications.

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