Cytotoxic activity of new α-aminophosphonic acids against human malignant cell lines.

personАвтори: A. Kostovski, E. Naydenova, G. Momekov, K. Troev, P. Todorov


The cytotoxic effects of the novel compounds were tested against a panel of human tumor cell lines. All of the compounds under investigation exhibited concentration-dependent cytotoxic effects against the leukemic cells, following 72 h exposure, which allowed the construction of the corresponding concentration-response curves and the determination of the IC50 values. In order to elucidate mechanistically the encountered cytotoxic effects, we carried out quantitative determination of the ability of compounds 1-5 to induce oligonucleosomal DNA fragmentation – a key hallmark feature of apoptosis, by means of „Cell Death Detection” ELISA.

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