Epiphysitis of children and homeopathy

personАвтори: L. Peychev

Summary: Pains in the limbs are among the main reasons for some patients to ask paediatricians and orthopedists and recently homeopats for help. Epiphysitis of the  cartilage plate of the long bones is a non-malignаnt sуndrome in 10-20% of the kids. It is manifested by typical pain in the limb bones and body. Matherial and methods. 14 kids with epiphysitis,  between 5 and 16 years, have been investigated in the course of 3 years outdoor treatment with homeopathy. Results. Most of the kids were given Kalium iodatum, Symphytum and Eupatorium perfoliatum to overcome the feeling of pain in the long bones. Eight of them were given terrene treatment in conformity with their individual morphological characteristics: Calcarea carbonica, Calcarea phosphorica, Calcarea fluorica or Osteocynnesine. For the type of reaction of all children most preferable medication was Silicea. 11 of them got very good therapeutic effect after  a 30 days of homeopathic treatment. The condition of 3 of them didn’t change. Once a week in the course of 3 years10 kids were given preventive homeopathic treatment.

Conclusion. The therapeutic approach in the acute stage of epiphysitis  is complex. It includes homeopathy, microelements, minerals and vitamins. Terrene treatment, as well as, individually chosen homeopathic medication and nourishing dietary regimen is leading during the stage of remission.

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