Protein binding of metabolites for some endocrine disrupting chemicals

personАвтори: S. Georgieva, Y. Koleva

Summary. Endocrine disruption refers to the ability of chemicals to interfere with hormonal systems, and has raised considerable concern in recent years. Endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs) pose a documented risk to wildlife and have the potential to negatively influence human health. Many modern synthetic compounds are readily metabolized to more polar forms that often contain hydroxy groups. This presence of polar groups and aromatic moieties in the parent compound or metabolite can play an important role in the mechanism of endocrine disruption. In addition, phase II metabolism (e.g., glucuronidation) can also lead to deactivation of the endocrine properties. The aim of this work was to predict protein binding of metabolites for some endocrine disrupting chemicals.

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