Research on the population attitude and behavior patterns – purchase of regulated antibiotics without a prescription

personАвтори: I. Doikov, R. Dimova, R. Raicheva, R. Stojanova


The study design is representative cross-sectional. Based on the study results it was found that 46.1% of the respondents are willing to buy antibiotics without a prescription, despite the legal prohibitions. The results presented that determinants (age and gender) of the participants and the population density affect the attitudes of the population during the purchase of antibiotics without a prescription. In outpatient care significant proportion of physicians (84% from 131 doctors), are reluctant to refer patients to microbiological examination before making out a prescription for an antibiotic therapy. Only 16.00% (21) from those who were prescribed antibiotics (131) last year had been previously administered for microbiological examination. Persons directed to vaginal secretions and cervical smear tests were the largest proportion – 33.3% (7), followed by the patients directed to throat secretion test 23.8% (5), urological secretion test 23.8% (5), anal secretions test – 9.5 % (2) and other microbiological tests – 9.5% (2).

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