Angiogenesis and trends for discovery of antiangiogenic drugs

personАвтори: A. Kostovsky, G. Momekov, M. Karaivanova


The discovery that both tumor growth and metastatic spread rely on the angiogenesis created a basis for the understanding of the biology of neovascularization and urged the evaluation of possible approaches for inhibition of this process. In this review, the pro-angiogenic factors e.g. vascular endothelial growth factor, some cytokines and other expressed protein molecules, are described as targets for drug inhibition. The strategies for discovery of antiangiogenic drugs are presented in detail, as well. A brief overview provides information regarding the most important clinically evaluated drugs and the corresponding delivery systems as an important consideration describing the present experience from experimental studies and current clinical trials. This review is focused upon angiogenesis in solid tumors and trends for polytargeted strategy utilizing combinations of cytostatics and antiangiogenic drugs.

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