Mycotoxin increases alkaline phosphatase release in rat precision-cut intestinal slices

personАвтори: D. Stefanova, V. Tsankova


Small intestine is an important place for metabolism and/or detoxification of many xenobiotics and foods. Zearalenone is a contaminant in cereal foods consumed by animals and humans. Zearalenone toxicity is associated with induction of oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation and glutathione depletion. The effects of zearalenone on alkaline phosphatase release were studied in precision cut intestine slices. Alkaline phosphates release is valuated as a marker for viability of the tissues. A statistically significant increase in the enzyme release was found at the 24th hour of incubation with the mycotoxin. Additionally, we studied thee protective effects of red wine on zearalenone-induced toxicity. When tissue slices were preincubated with red wine, zearalenone did not increase significantly the release of the enzyme alkaline phosphatase. Red wine shows a protective effect against zearalenone-induced increase in alkaline phosphatase release in vitro.

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