Phytochemical study of leaves and roots of Gypsophila trichotoma wend. using gas chromatography – mass spectrometry

personАвтори: I. Krasteva, I. Popov, M. Yotova, P. Zdraveva, S. Nikolov


Volatile constituents of fresh leaves and roots as well as butanol fractions from the roots of Gypsophila trichotoma Wend. were analysed by GC/MS. Different groups of compounds were found: esters, sterols, terpens, alcohols, acids, hydrocarbons, etc. The butanol fractions were characterized by high content of sterols (from 0.5% to 33.7%). The main volatile compounds were octadecenoic acid in the leaves (14.2%) and dihydroxynaphthalene in the roots (66.4%).

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