Assessment of neuronal tissue damage in rat brain ischemia in vitro

personАвтори: S. Mitusheva, V. Tzankova


Тhe aim of present investigation was to assess the time-dependent effects of oxygenglucose deprivation on neuronal damage in an in vitro model of brain ischemia. Rat cortical brain slices were prepared and subjected to 5, 15, 30 and 60 min oxygen-glucose deprivation, followed by 90 min reperfusion. Tissue damage was assessed by measuring the release of glutamate and lactate dehydrogenase into bathing artificial cerebrospinal fluid (aCSF) during reperfusion and determining tissue water gain (edema). The oxygen-glucose deprivation caused time-dependent increase in glutamate and LDH release, as well as in tissue water gain. The highest glutamate and LDH release were observed at 30 min oxygen-glucose deprivation (107% and 340% vs. controls, respectively). This increase was accompanied by a huge edema (142% vs. controls). In conclusion, the effect of 30 min oxygen-glucose deprivation followed by 90 min reperfusion caused a more pronounced neuronal injury in an in vitro model of brain ischemia.

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