Bendamustine, alkylating antineoplastic drugs and molecular targets

personАвтори: A. Kostovski, M. Karaivanova


Along with the development of medicine and increasing life expectancy, malignant diseases show a trend for increasing the frequency and decreasing the age limit. Their treatment is complex, expensive and requires highly trained personnel. One of the methods which are successfully applied as part of complex treatment is chemotherapy. It is necessary to provide maximum possible antineoplastic effect and minimal adverse effect on rapidly proliferating normal tissues. The alkylating cytostatic chemotherapy is capable to eliminate only a fraction of tumor cells that have entered the cell cycle. And despite the progress in the treatment of tumors, at present can be considered that conventional therapy does not achieve satisfactory therapeutic results and there are patients who do not respond at all of the standard treatment. This determines the need to search for new drugs with another possible mechanism of action or effect in not suitable for standard treatment conditions.

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