Study the cardiologists’ knowledge and perception about generic and fixed dose combination medicines in cardiology

personАвтори: A. Zlatareva, G. Petrova, K. Tachkov, M. Manova, P. Milushewa, Z. Mitkova


The aim of this study is to analyze the knowledgeand perception of generic and fixed dose combination among the cardiologists.

We performed an inquiry study among 50 cardiologists in Bulgaria. The questionnaire was distributed with the support of the country’s Cardiologists’ Association. Seven of the questions rank the opinion of cardiologists in a 5 point Likert scale where 1 is strongly disagree and 5 is “completely agree”. Six questions clarify the reasons and frequency of generics and fixed dose combinations prescribing. Z-test andt-test analysis was applied to evaluate the statistical significance among the proportions and answers.

The proportion of cardiologists with positive opinion about generic medicines efficacy (72%), safety (70%), and interchangeability (78%) prevails.Cardiologists prescribe generics mostly due to their low price (96%), and better patients’ compliance in case of low income (12%).

The advantages of fixed dose combinations are mostly evident for the group of patients that need combination therapy (100%) and when there is a risk for proper administration by the patients (100%). Those advantages are positively evaluated by all physicians.

In general, cardiologists possess positive perception towards effectiveness and safety of generic medicines and fixed dose combinations.

Affordability, patients’ satisfaction, and compliance are key factors that influence their decision.

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