Correction of immunological reactivity disorders in children affected by dental caries

personАвтори: V. Petruniv, Y. Labiy, Y. Oktysyuk


Dental caries is one of the most prevalent diseases affecting children and adolescents.The dramatic improvement in dental health, especially in children, in many countries during last 20 years is proof that prevention works. Dental caries is not inevitable; the causes are well known, discouraging caries development and discouraging caries healing are realities to be grasped. We would like to introduce the results on our investigation of the probiotic “Lactobacterine” in correction of the disorders of general and local immunity of the blood serum and oral liquid in children from bad environmental regions. We have evidence of the high efficiency in recommended caries prophylaxis that has been proved by positive indicators of immunological data of the blood serum and oral liquid in children from areas with various environmental pollutions. The results were obtained after 30 month since the beginning of the research. We have observed the decrease of the circulating immune complexes, increased amount of the complementum as well as the immunoglobulin G and M in the blood serum and have noticed that the activity of the lysozyme and immunoglobuline A in oral liquid were on the growth in oral liquid of children

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