Effectiveness of the recombinant erythropoietin use in anemia of pregnant women

personАвтори: V.T. Rudnyk

Summary. The article represents the data of the course of delivery and the state of newborns in 124 pregnant women with anemia; 63 of them – without pyelonephritis and 61 pregnant women – with chronic pyelonephritis. 30 pregnant women were – with a physiological course of pregnancy. It has been determined that the use of ferrotherapy in pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia is not always effective. As a result of the detection of the phenomenon of inadequate production of serum erythropoietin (sEP) in pregnant women with anemia, on this basis the inclusion of recombinant erythropoietin (rEP) into the treatment complex of anemia of pregnant women was offered for the first time. The influence of the applied treatment on the indicators of the state of newborns after the use of the traditional approach and inclusion into the therapeutic complex of rEP was noted.

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