Review on the prarmacology of osteoporosis

personАвтори: L. Chakuleska, N. Danchev, R. Simeonova


Osteoporosis is a progressive metabolic disease that affects bone system and represents а major health concern of the 21st century. The biggest consequence is the osteoporotic fractures that contribute with severe health complications such as pain, disability, lower quality of life and even increased rate of mortality.

The purpose of this review is to provide information about prevention and treatment of this silent disease. Non-pharmacological strategy and impact of most important life habits and nutritional supplements used for prevention are accentuated. Different pharmacological treatments are described that can improve the bone mass by reducing osteoclasts activity or by promotion of bone formation through stimulation of osteoblasts activity. The article contains information about mechanism of action of the most used drugs for treatment of osteoporosis. The main goal is the strategy for prevention and therapy that will improve bone mass density and reduce the risk of osteoporotic fragility.

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