Practices regarding plant-based food supplements among outpatient care physicians

personАвтори: J. Marinova, K. Sokolova, M.Ganeva, Zh. Tsokeva

Abstract: The increasing use of food supplements (FS), including plant-based food supplement (PBFS), raises questions about their safe use. The risk of adverse reactions (ARs) and interactions associated with FS implies the need for active communication between physicians and patients. The practice and knowledge of outpatient care physicians (OCPs) towards PBFS and its association with physicians’ characteristics was examined in a cross-sectional study conducted in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Primary data were collected using directly administered questionnaire. More than two-thirds (89.8%) of the respondents recommended PBFS. A substantial part inquired about patient use of PBFS (76.8%) and discussed issues related to PBFS (65.7%). A moderate positive correlation was found between the personal use of PBFS and their recommendation to patients (p<0,001). More than half of the OCRs (58.10%) claimed to have poor or no knowledge of PBFS. The majority emphasized the need for additional education concerning the efficacy and safety of PBFS.

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