Manufacture automatization, analysis and sterilization of drugs by means of ultrasound

personАвтори: D. Obreshkova, E. Petkova, K. Ivanov, L. Peikova, S. Pupanov


This review presents the use of ultrasound in the pharmacy.

Ultrasound accelerates the process of dissolution in slightle soluble substances undredsof times, slowly soluble – 10 to 30 times less soluble in – 3 to 5 times. The amount of solute depends on the intensity of ultrasound and duration of sound. Compared with other methods for generating aerosols (mechanical, chemical), ultrasonic devices are haracterized by a number of advantages. With increasing intensity of ultrasound increased the density of the aerosol, and with increasing frequency in the range of 0,4-5MHz – reduces the size of the particles.

With ultrasound can be sterilized: water, aromatic water, solutions for external and internal administration, eye drops, injectable solutions, ointments. The number of damaged cells increased with time in logarithmic law, which in theory means that all cells will be destroyed after infinitely long time of dubbing.

Ultraphonophoresis is comparable in performance to the injection and has several advantages over it. In the chemical-pharmaceutical production ultrasound is also used in: clarification and purification of fluids, accelerate the crystallization, the receipt of liposomes, microcapsules, aeration in the production of ampoules. With some work ultrasonic instrumentation for flow and level of liquid washing and drying machines. Our study demonstrated that the changes don’t occur by means of instrumenyal analysis in terms of triterpenic compound and Ursolic acid, of extracts of species plant Clinopodium L. And amino acids compounds in some food supplements.

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