Further evaluation of newly synthesized anti-inflammatory pyrrole derivates: ROS formation in liposome model system in vitro

personАвтори: A. Bijev, D. Yaneva, L. Traikov


Antioxidants are important components of cocktail therapy of both acute and chronic inflammation. The oxidative activity of eight pyrrole derivatives, previously designed, synthesized and evaluated as potential anti-inflammatory agents, was studied using TBARS test for in vitro registration of Fe-induced lipid peroxidation in liposome model system. In the current study, significant antioxidant effects (up to 78%) were observed in comparison with control (liposomal suspension with induced lipid peroxidation without any additives). All tested pyrrole derivatives exhibited dose-dependent activity whereat the highest values were observed predominantly at 10-4 M. The compounds being identified to possess the highest anti-inflammatory activity in our previous study (2e, 2f, 3b and 4d) were found again to be the most active ones in the antioxidant assay. The highest antioxidant effects were comparable with that of the reference Metamizol being about 90% of the activity of Paracetamol tested in the same system.

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