HPLC study of binary and triple mixtures containing Venlafaxine, Citalopram and Sibutramine

personАвтори: G. Petrova, I. Pencheva, L. Peykova, M. Manova


Analytical study for quality control of antidepressants from SSRIs and SNRIs groups was performed using HPLC methods. The obtained data from analysis of venlafaxine HCl, citalopram and sibutramine were compared on the base of ICH and European Pharmacopoeia criteria and on the developing the chromatographic and analytical parameters. The substances were examined as pure substances, model binary and triple mixtures and in drug formulations. The method was developed for the purposes of the analytical and the toxicological practices. The HPLC method was made in the following conditions: isocratic and gradient mode of Acetonitrile/Methanol in different ratios, UV – detection at 230 nm analytical wavelength, different flow rates and solutions, prepared at varied pH.

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